Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I arrange a conference with a teacher?  When requested, the counselor will arrange a conference with parents and all teachers.  If the parent would like to meet with individual teachers, please call the front office (951-5706) and leave a message for that teacher.  Email is also an excellent way to communicate with the teachers.
  2. How are schedule changes made?Because student/parent involvement is extensive during program planning, there should be very few requests for schedule changes.  Only urgent and legitimate requests will be honored and must be submitted within the first ten (10) days of the school year.  The signature of the parent/guardian is required.  No change is authorized until these steps are completed and the student is instructed by the Guidance Office to follow the new schedule.  Requests are completed by the counselors on a first come, first served basis and will be processed as quickly as possible. Schedule changes following that time period will be limited to cases with extenuating circumstances at the principal's discretion. 
  3. How are level changes made?Level changes may be made up to three days after issuance of the first nine weeks report card.  These changes will only be granted if there is room available in the requested course level.  Level changes following that time period will be limited to cases with extenuating circumstances at the principal's discretion. 
  4. What about dropping a course? If a student wishes to drop a course after ten (10) days of membership in the course, the grade will be recorded as a "WF" (Withdrawal Failing - computed as an "F") for the year in which the course is dropped.  Levels in a subject may be changed up to three (3) days after the issuance of the first nine weeks report cards.  Exceptions to this provision may be granted by the principal in cases of extenuating circumstances.
  5. May students take college courses that are not offered at BHS? Students are not allowed to enroll in a college course unless they have exhausted all course offerings in the appropriate department, have met necessary requirements for college admission, and have received approval from the principal.  Student must fill out a External Course Form, available in Guidance.
  6. How can I request a transcript?  Transcript request forms are available online and in our Guidance office for underclassmen or former students. The form can be faxed (540-951-5778) or e-mailed to the Registrar, Mrs. Wright ([email protected]). Please allow at least at least a week for processing. 
  7. Do you give the SAT's or ACT's at BHS?No. The SAT and ACT are given at outside locations.  Please see registration information at for more detailed information.
  8. Can Guidance assist me in resolving incorrect grades, rescheduling exams or other classroom information?Issues regarding grading, exams, extra credit or other classroom information must be handled with the individual teacher.  Please call the front office (951-5706) and leave a message for the teacher, or contact them via email.  Teachers email addresses can be found here.
  9. How do I request work when my student will be out of school?  In the event that your student will be out for sickness, please refer to Google classroom. For assistance for assignments not posted to Google classroom, Carolyn Noble can assist in Guidance.
  10. How do I request that my child be put on homebound?  Homebound applications are available from the Guidance Office Secretary.  Forms must then be submitted directly to the School Board Office.  
  11. How do I request records that are older than 5 years old?  Please contact Renee Manning at 540-382-5100 ext. 1023 or [email protected].
  12. Who is responsible for...? The Guidance Department is happy to assist you in any way possible.  However, responsibilities are divided among various departments and individual sponsors throughout the building.