SOL Information

Standards of Learning Tests (SOL's)

*Policy 6-6.2 Student Evaluation and Grading requires students in SOL courses to take the SOL test in order to receive credit in the course.

SOL (Standards of Learning) End-of-Course Final Exam Waiver Policy  

Any student enrolled in a math, science, English, or social studies class, which requires a SOL (Standards of Learning) end-of-course test administration will receive a final exam waiver.  

Students in grades 9-12 must meet the following criteria for the term to receive credit for the course:  

Complete the Virginia Department of Education SOL end-of-course test examination. (An exception for extenuating circumstances must have principal approval.)

Complete the essential understandings, knowledge, skills and processes in the VDOE Curriculum Frameworks, while maintaining a passing grade in the course preceding the SOL end-of-course text examination.      

Students may also choose to take a final exam.  The exam will only count if it raises the grade for those students who opt to take the examination.  

SOL tests are required in the following subject areas: 

Algebra I
Algebra II
World History I
World History II
US History
Earth Science
English Reading
English Writing
(English SOL's are based on English 11)

Successful completion of a class and the attached SOL exam earns the student a verified credit.  A Standard Diploma requires 6 verified credits (1 each math, science, social studies, 2 English plus one of choice) and an Advanced Diploma requires 9 verified credits (2 each math, science, social studies, English plus one of choice).  For more information on SOL requirements for graduation, please see the Graduation Requirements page.

These tests are given to the students in mid-May.  We will have dates posted on the Guidance homepage when they are confirmed.  English Writing SOL's are given in March.  Seniors, transfer students, and students who have not made passing grades are given additional opportunities during the year in order to take the exams.  Counselors will notify these students when testing will take place.