Senior Lunch Account Refunds
How to get Senior Lunch Account Refunds
Posted on 03/14/2023
If you would like to be reimbursed for the the funds on your student's lunch account, please provide the following:

Request in writing for the return of funds for your student, email to [email protected]
  1. Name in full for payment to be made to
  2. Name of student(s)
  3. Current mailing address, one in use through July 1, 2023
It could take 2-4 weeks for you to receive your check as the request has to go through several departments and final approval from the School Board.

Also, if you have auto refill or deposit of money set up in MySchoolBucks, please go in and disable this option so you won't have funds added to the account when it's zeroed out.  If you don't disable this option, you would have to wait another 4 weeks for us to refund the additional  money.