New Absence Codes
Update on absence codes
Posted on 11/19/2020
attendanceAs a reminder, during the first nine weeks we did not count tardies for our remote learners as we were all getting used to the technology and how classes were going to operate. 

Starting with the second nine weeks, and going forward, if your student logs into class late they will be counted as tardy to class. MCPS has added two new PowerSchool codes that we began using with the start of the second 9 weeks.  As is true during any school day, if a student is expected to be in the building, we are responsible for them during that time and in knowing their location.  We appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor.

The first code is a “C”.  This code is for noting that your student has been “present” for their remote classes.  For fully remote students, there will be a “C” for every block, for hybrid students there will be a “C” for two blocks.

The second code is a “P”.  This code is for noting when a student has logged in remotely even though they should be physically in class and a parent has not called to let the Main Office know that their child will be attending remotely that day.  These are noted as “attending - but unexcused” acknowledging that parents may not have given permission for students to stay home. 

Once the Main Office hears from a parent that they were aware that their student was at home and attending remotely, their attendance code will be changed to “C”. BHS Main Office can be reached at or 540-951-5706.