AP Exam Registration
AP Exam Registration begins January 12
Posted on 01/10/2019
apAdvanced Placement Exam Registration Opens 

All BHS students taking an Advanced Placement (AP) class will receive an attached copy of the 2019 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents from their AP teacher.  Please take time to look through the Bulletin for important information. 

This school year AP is making some significant changes.  We are replacing registration and pre-administration with ALL online methods.  Therefore, many things will be different in ensuring you or your student gets signed up for the correct exams, and that they get paid for! 

Signing up/Registering for AP exams is ONLINE this year at  This is a very user friendly website that will help guide you through the process of signing up for your AP exams.  You will also be submitting payment for the exams through this website [$96 per exam, which includes a $2 transaction fee that goes to the company, not the school.  Or $35 for F/R lunch students], this means you can pay in a variety of different ways: credit card, check, money order [mail in]. 

Registration STARTS on Friday, January 12, 2019!  Please be aware that there are deadlines after which you cannot get a refund for your exams!  The dates are different than previous years, so make sure you take note of that.  You will be required to pay for your exam when you register.  There is still a late fee [$55] if you register after February 22, and you will not be able to register after March 1!  If you are registering for a late testing date you will still be required to pay the extra $45 for the late test. 

It is important that you make sure all of the information that you enter in the system is correct; they will be printing all of the information on your answer sheet for you, so you won’t have to fill out all the bubbles.  So please double, even triple check, your information so it is correct before your final submission!  Print and Bring a copy of your payment to Ashley in C107. Please read the back for important payment and date information! 

Thank you!
Ashley Koelling
BHS AP Coordinator 


  • Website:
  • Registration BEGINS; Friday January 12, 2019
  • After February 22, you will have to pay the late registration fee, but you only have until MARCH 1, after that date REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!!


  • Regular Exam Fee: $96 per exam
  • F/R Lunch Exam Fee: $35 per exam
  • Late Registration Fee: $55 per exam
  • Late Exam Fee [if you are taking a test at a late date]: $45 per exam
  • If for some reason you end up needing to cancel an exam, you have until April 5 to do so - to get a partial refund [$76].  After that date there will not be any refunds! 

To cancel an exam you must fill out the form and turn it into Ashley Koelling.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me  Thank you!